About Us


Located in Chico, California, NorCal Film Company is dedicated to helping others with the transition from analog to digital. The world of video and technology can be overwhelming, as it is always changing. As students of history we value the past and look to preserve it to tell the stories to those in the future.

The shift from analog media to digital will forever mark a change in how information is stored. We believe that now is the time to make the transfer to digital while at the same time provide information on how to preserve the original media as best as possible.

NorCal Film Company exists for three reasons:

  1. To preserve the media in a digital format

  2. To edit the media in modern software

  3. To share the media through the internet

The best way to experience analog media is in an analog form. There is no replacing the whirr of the projector or the touch of the photograph print. But the digital technologies of today are not going away anytime soon. For this reason we must move our media into the digital space to be preserved in perpetuity.