Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does the conversion process take?

A: The process to move from analog to digital will vary depending on the project. It is our goal to be working within a 30 day timeframe to make the transfer and return your original media to you.

Q: Will you edit footage?

A: Yes, we will transfer all footage to digital and offer custom editing services at an additional rate.

Q: How will I transport my media to you?

A: It is the preference of NorCal Film Co. to deliver the media by hand, as we don’t want to risk your family memories in the mail. Of course, this is not always possible and we ask that customers contact us before mailing media for transfer.

Q: What if my media is damaged?

A: We will do our best to convert media that has been damaged over time. If the media is not salvageable, we will not charge for our attempt and time.

Q: Do you provide DVDs?

A: We strongly discourage the use of DVDs for storage of family memories because of the shelf-life of the format. Looking into the future, if preservation is the goal, the DVD is already outdated. Those in the future who are looking to view the footage or listen to the audio will not have the technology to play the DVD. For this reason we encourage media to be saved in the cloud and downloaded to a computer hard drive for viewing or editing.

Q: Do you provide hard drives or thumb drives?

A: Yes, we can provide a physical storage device such as an external hard drive or thumb drive for an additional fee. Looking long-term, we encourage customers to not store digital files on a single device and regularly backup their computers.

Q: What if my computer crashes?

A: We retain backups for this very reason. By using a secure cloud storage system, we help mitigate the risk of hard drives crashing or computers being lost in natural disasters.

Q: How can I view my media?

A: Upon converting to digital, we will create a password-protected private webpage for you and your family to view, where they can download the catalogued collection of your family memories.

Q: Who can view my media?

A: We respect the privacy of the media that you share with us. No part of the films, images, or audio will be used or shared without express permission from our customers for portfolio use. According to US Copyright law, the individual who captured the media is the owner of the rights and can dictate usage.